Compliance is one of the single most important programs that is woven throughout every facet of our company and its operation. We maintain a deep and comprehensive compliance program that not only meets, but in some cases, exceeds, the recommendation of the United States Office of Inspector general (OIG). Our clients take much comfort in knowing that our company maintains high standards of practice and compliance in the generation of claims to state and federal entitlements programs and to commercial carriers as well.

Compliance at our company starts at the very top of the management structure, with our president and CEO, who is a Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer (CACO). We also employee a dedicated Compliance Officer (CACO), Mr. Joseph Moran, who oversees all aspects of the compliance program. Joe is also a current practicing Paramedic. He is the chairman of the compliance committee which reviews compliance practices, makes recommendations, conducts routine audits, coordinates continuing education for the staff and in general insures that the company follows its existing compliance plan. The compliance committee is made up of the President and CEO, Compliance Officer, senior level managers, coding staff and rotating billing staff to ensure transparency, objectivity and inclusion.

Some of the major components of our company compliance plan includes:

  • The development and distribution of written standards of conduct, as well
    as written policies and procedures that promote our commitment to
  • Top down approach to compliance by the certification and designation of our president and CEO as Compliance Officer;
  • The development and implementation of regular, effective education and training programs for all employees;
  • The maintenance of a compliance hotline that can receive anonymous reports of compliance complaints;
  • Procedures to respond to improper activities and enforce disciplinary actions against employees;
  • The use of audits and risk evaluations to monitor compliance;
  • Investigation and correction of identified systemic problems.
In addition to our compliance plan, our company provides significant support to our clients through comprehensive patient care report (PCR) documentation training. Our president is a Nationally Registered Paramedic (NRP) with 40 years of experience in EMS who remains an active paramedic on a part-time basis.