Proper documentation of the patient encounter is the single most important factor that affects the billing process. The key components of proper documentation are the clinical narrative and the chronological list of events. ARS has a vital interest in making sure its clients understand the importance of proper documentation and how it affects the success of the billing process.

ARS's president and CEO is a 40-year veteran paramedic who has lectured on a local, state and national level regarding billing practices and patient care documentation for over 40 years. His passion and life experience in the world of EMS is afforded to every ARS client, especially to the front-line EMS providers who immediately connect to the 4 decades of experience that he shares with each provider.

ARS strives to work each day to have open and constant communication with its clients, giving feedback on the quality of the PCR's and informing their clients on areas of success and areas that need improvement regarding documentation.

ARS has an outstanding process for billing that is coupled with outstanding PCR documentation training for its clients.

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