We know you have a choice of EMS billing services, so why choose ARS?

Simply put, we’re not just a billing service. Because our company’s roots are in emergency medical services, we have a genuine passion to ensure that your organization receives the revenue it needs to continue saving lives.

ARS has developed a comprehensive process to ensure that every claim receives every opportunity it needs to return revenue back to you – as quickly as possible. The core of our system lies in the thorough nature of our pre-billing process. We check, then double check, the quality of the claim; determine eligibility; and contact hospitals and patients to verify accuracy and completeness of information so that every claim is prepared the right way before it ever leaves our office.

We know all too well that EMS crews often are unable to gather insurance information and authorization signatures during the events surrounding a life-saving call. That’s why our pre-billing process is so essential. We obtain the critical information for you, so you can concentrate on patient care. All ARS processing staff are certified through the National Academy of Ambulance Compliance and hold a current CAC certification. 

Our value is in the details

Call us. We’re available to explain, in as much detail as you need, how our process can fit seamlessly into your organization.

We prepare all of the necessary paperwork to notify federal and state entitlement programs, connect electronic claims submission, process a change of address for your insurance carriers, and connect to your ePCR program. We do all of the leg work for you.